Guantanamo Baywatch, Prettiest Eyes, No Parents, & VNLVX at The Hi Hat LA: Live Review

Photos // Rosendo Veloz

Words // Bob Smith

The night started off on a rainy street out in Highland Park. As Rosendo and me walked up to a sold out show and the vibes were high. The smell of Burgerlords and cigs from the outside filled the venue and I knew I was ready to party. The shows started off a little late due to the lighting crew setting up the liquid projectors which was worth it because those lights within themselves were an amazing trip.

The first band of the night was VNLVX, they played some dope shit. Lucky for me, I was front row for this mind melting music. They had everything you could ask for in a band, with heavy guitar licks, and beautiful unique vocals. For some odd reason someone’s two-year-old daughter was running around the venue like it was her own personal playground; which was hilarious. The songs were fast and the set list was long and I was glad I was there for the ride.

IMG_1051 copy


IMG_1001 copy

IMG_1011 copy

IMG_1014 copy

IMG_1056 copy

IMG_1018 copy

IMG_1090 copy

IMG_1093 copy

IMG_1108 copy

IMG_1120 copy

IMG_1126 copy

IMG_1132 copy

IMG_1159 copy

Second band of the night was No Parents and the name really speaks for itself. They remind me of your buddies’ band that plays in your backyard when your parents are out of town to Scottsdale, Arizona. Their on-stage banter was hilarious and they really got the people hyped up. If I remember correctly I heard them throw in a little “Bawitdaba” by Kid Rock into one of the songs, and that shit was dope. As soon as the mosh pit was starting I knew that was my cue to get some fries from Burgerlord. As I listen to No Parents finish up their set and sat there eating some delicious fries this is when the crowd started piling into the venue.

IMG_1343 copy

IMG_1182 copy

IMG_1185 copy

IMG_1190 copy

IMG_1240 copy

IMG_1266 copy

IMG_1267 copy

IMG_1270 copy

IMG_1298 copy

IMG_1303 copy

IMG_1330 copy

IMG_1340 copy

IMG_1357 copy

IMG_1388 copy

IMG_1392 copy

While I was watching the crowd and sitting there counting how many dusters I saw… which was 13 including myself. Rosendo was on the other side looking for one of his lenses that he misplaced somewhere on the floor of the sold-out show. Once I saw Rosendo I could tell that the fool was hella bummed and distraught. However, like in true Rosendo fashion he said fuck it and continued to shoot some great photos for this article. Oh if anyone out there is reading this and has an extra 24mm lenses hook my boy Rosendo up my Gs.

Up next was Prettiest Eyes, they just finished up their 29th show tour all across the USA. This three-piece band with a keyboardist, drummer, and bassist had a very unique stage presence. Honestly I was very stand offish at first. However, after I listened to their fast bass beats, catchy lyrics, and how they vibed well on the stage together, I was beginning to become a fan. I mean the bassist had a cowboy hat and a bolo tie, which alone deserves a listen. The bassist was literally in the middle of the pit just playing the bass, and it got the people going every minute of it.













Finally, as the rain stopped coming down outside, it was time for Guantanamo Baywatch to hit the stage to close out the night. As one tour comes to an end another one must begin. For Guantanamo Baywatch this was the first stop on their month long tour. During that month they will be playing South by Southwest. If they are stopping in a town near you, I suggest you see them. To be honest, I’ve never heard of Guantanamo Baywatch until Pat told me that we were covering it. I know, I know what you are thinking and yes I do live under a rock. Times are tough right now, yo. I was going into this show with fresh ears and eyes. After the night all I could tell Rosendo is that “I FUCKING BACK GUANTANAMO BAYWATCH”. Their sound reminds me of 1950’s endless summer surf rock that grew up in the gutters.

IMG_1574 copy

IMG_1577 copy

IMG_1580 copy

IMG_1586 copy

IMG_1600 copy

IMG_1601 copy

IMG_1606 copy

IMG_1616 copy

IMG_1623 copy

IMG_1626 copy

IMG_1630 copy

IMG_1653 copy

IMG_1658 copy

IMG_1665 copy

IMG_1686 copy

IMG_1701 copy

IMG_1702 copy

IMG_1705 copy

IMG_1715 copy


IMG_1718 copy

IMG_1723 copy

IMG_1726 copy

IMG_1729 copy

IMG_1740 copy

IMG_1746 copy

IMG_1754 copy

IMG_1759 copy

IMG_1764 copy

IMG_1785 copy

IMG_1791 copy

With a sold out show, everyone was hyped to see them play from all ages and walks of life. As I pushed my way close to the front of the stage to get a solid view of the band, the hypnotizing drumbeats got the people in an all-out pit. Everyone old and young was in that pit dancing, pushing each other, and spilling beer. The pit was exuding so much vibes which kept the show party going and that meant the beer was flowing. The audience were stage diving off the stage left and right and throwing beer cans everywhere. Everyone in that packed venue was having a good time which by the end of the night I figured was the theme. No one left with a sad look on their faces. All their jams were amazing, the one song that stood out for me was “Blame Myself” from their most recent record Desert Center.

As the night came to an end I left with a ringing in my ear that didn’t go away for another couple of hours. The lineup was amazing and everyone did a remarkable job. Once again I would like to thank the Hi Hat for letting us over at Adolescent Lounge keep the good times rolling. Please do yourself a favor and check out Guantanamo Baywatch and the rest of the bands in this article.

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