Johanna Warren & Lola Kirke at The Hi Hat LA: Live Review

Photos // Rosendo Veloz

Words // Marbles

This past weekend, Johanna Warren made her way down to the Hi Hat in LA and mesmerized us all with songs from her latest album, Gemini II. Her voice and her guitar, that’s it. Simple, and undoubtedly powerful. Perhaps because Johanna knows how to tell a story with her voice, it takes the form of airy, playful whistles, it can be eerie and chant-like, a high pitched cry, it’s whatever the song calls for.

IMG_0300 copy

She hails from Portland and is currently on what she’s calling a Plant Medicine tour where she is reaching out to local farmers, herbalists, and activists in every city she visits to share their work with plants.

IMG_0290 copy

IMG_0270 copy

IMG_0383 copy

IMG_0286 copy

IMG_0283 copy

IMG_0378 copy

IMG_0323 copy

IMG_0366 copy

“…a message of our connection, a reflection that we are the beautiful world that we’re born into- this world of waterfalls and medicines that pop up out of the ground in our backyards, and blossoming, fragrant rose bushes. All the wonders of the world… we are that, and any separateness that we might feel is an illusion.”  – Johanna Warren

Abbe Findley (Zizia Botanicals) was invited out to the event, a practicing herbalist, artist, and altogether inspiring woman based in Los Angeles. She provides her community with a variety of tinctures, ointments, salves and even offers a botanical hangover kit.

To learn more about her herbal services and handmade products, visit

IMG_0240 copy

Lola Kirke then hit the stage with Amo Amo, a band based in LA, celebrating the release of her new single, Monster. Liz Koe directed her stunning, almost uncanny music video for the song. In it, Lola walks the streets of Tokyo in a red dress, and the lyrics repeat as blood drips from her eyes and ears, “I’m not a monster.” Her lyrics have a way of staying with you. For me, her whispery voice singing “let’s be wild” echoed in my head long after the show had ended.

IMG_0488 copy

IMG_0557 copy

IMG_0556 copy

IMG_0546 copy

IMG_0536 copy

IMG_0532 copy

IMG_0499 copy

IMG_0466 copy

IMG_0460 copy

IMG_0454 copy

IMG_0425 copy

IMG_0421 copy

IMG_0416 copy

IMG_0408 copy

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