AL Eats: Teddy’s Cafe Burger & Teriyaki

Words and Photos // Esly Tsai 

After taking the GRE, I felt my soul leave my body. I sat in the lobby for my ride. I was hungry, tired, and completely brain-dead. I wasn’t in the mood for my aunt’s antics. I just wanted some spam musubi. She insisted we go to this new spot that had “Japanese food”. I don’t take suggestions like that easily, especially from unreliable food judgers.

Teddy’s Café Burger & Teriyaki isn’t anything special on the inside or the out. It looks like a little food spot that no one would even bother to look twice at. They focus on fusion food, mainly of Japanese, American, and some Mexican.

I didn’t expect much from the spot. I ordered the Kyle Burger and out came this giant monster waiting to devour me, rather than the opposite.

Pic 1 Look at the size of this thing! Knife for reference. Approx $8 with tax

The Kyle Burger has a fresh ½ lb Angus patty, melted American and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, crispy French fries, and chipotle B.B.Q sauce all on a Kobi bun. (What a mouthful!)

Pic 2 A closer look!

All I can say is that chipotle B.B.Q brought my soul back into my body. Amazing! The meat quality is amazing! As I took my first two bites, mind you it was too giant to fit everything into one bite, the burger felt like it had exploded with flavor in my mouth. I had the fresh lettuce and tomato, but the tangy sauce, then the cheese hit me like heaven! I’d like to take a minute to appreciate the American and cheddar cheese combo. Speechless, amazing. I could probably eat the cheese alone. The Kobi bun is so soft! The crispy bacon! The avocado slices! My mouth is watering up again just thinking about it!

I recommend you don’t order fries with this since they semi-decorate the platter with fries. The burger is also enough to fill you up!

Pic 3Couldn’t finish it, but I did a good job.

Since it’s a fusion food spot, they also have other things like the Combo D: Baked salmon teriyaki with four crunch roll pieces and four California roll pieces.

Pic 4Approx $12ish with tax

I didn’t get to try this since I was so full, but the baked salmon looked a little scarce in my opinion. It has a good portion of veggies, white rice topped with teriyaki sauce, a salad with an amazing dressing, and the 8 pieces of the rolls mentioned before!

I hope to return to this spot sooner rather than later since I’m already daydreaming about it!

OVERALL: 10/10 would eat here again!

ATMOSPHERE: Not fancy, very hole in the wall! You might miss the sign outside if you aren’t looking too closely!

FOOD QUALITY: Awesome! The burger was amazing!

PORTIONS: Big! Very big! Shareable if you don’t eat big portions.

PRICE: Very affordable! Ranges from about $5 to $15 for a plate. ** Menu pics included down below.

Best things about this place: Portion to price ratio and flavor.

Pic 5

Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 8

Teddy’s Cafe Burger & Teriyaki

2401 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801




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