Danny Corral Goes To New York

We gave our friend Danny Corral a roll of 35mm film and a lomography camera to take on his trip to New York with the DEMA crew. We gave him 2 tasks for the trip. One was to bring back some art photos and to skate a cellar door. Only one of those tasks were completed. He did come back with some amazing photos and skated well in the damn am contest out there. Clips were stacked and spliffs were lit. Check out the trip vibes below captured through the eyes of Danny Boy. Shot on Ilford HP5 with a fisheye lomography camera.

All photos by Danny Corral

74280001Just touched down in NY. Abner and crew hopping in the Uber.

74280002Dre Malone letting his insta-followers know he is doing cool shit

74280005Hitting the streets

74280014Damn Am

74280010Gunnar and his buddy made it out to kick it.

74280012Gunnar showing us how to keep it BROLIC in these NY streets

74280009Tourist Vibes

74280004Cruising the NY streets

74280015Paying homage to this legendary spot

74280017Josh Gomez paying homage to “Blubba” with this noselide

74280019Gunnar trappin in the bando

74280020Last visual sighting of Gunnar in NY. Until next time my friend!

74280021Back to Cali. Until next time NY.

Danny Corral on Instagram
Adolescent Lounge on Instagram

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