BONYVX1000: Barcelona

This past June I went to Barcelona with the 19th Avenue squad. It was the usual suspects Brendan Bill, Doug Waitrovich, Alex Conn, Iriemonn, Daniel Dubois and myself. As well as 2 new dudes I have never met, Peter Knoblock (PeterMane) and photographer Sean Carabarin. We had an AirBNB 4 blocks away from La Sagrada Familia so there was always so much life around.

I have always been a fan of European skateboarding, especially Spanish skateboarding. I have been watching this DVD called “Streets: Barcelona” for as long as I can remember. It is basically a tour of all the spots in Barcelona. Some of my favorites were Raul Navarro, Jesus Fernandez, and Javier Sarmiento. So when I finally got to Macba for the first time I couldn’t believe it, I was going to be spending 13 days in the skate capital of the world.

Below are some photos I shot with my Canon AE-1. I shot it on TriX400 black and white film. Pretty standard film to use these days and very inexpensive. I usually go with Ilford HP5 or XP2 but I just wanted to try something new. I only shot 1 roll but I wish I had shot a lot more. We were just always on the go and I was carrying a VX1000 as well. I am happy with the results from the roll so check it out!


Rooftop of the AirBNB. My favorite part about our spot.


Paral-lel in all its glory. Wish I could have seen the original version since the remodel. This was right after Iriemonn got an epic banger in the can. Probably off to get a Bocadillo now.


I asked Alex Conn at this spot to “boost an ollie like HUF”. I like how the reflection came out of his ollie on the structure. It wasn’t intentional but super fucking stoked that it worked out. We got kicked out 10 minutes later. Amazing spot.


Gothic Quarter. Or as we called it “The Mission Of Barcelona”.


Enjoying some estrella’s after we got a kickflip back side tailslide in the can.


Brendan, Petermane, and Doug all watching some epic shit go down.


Alex Conn on a train somewhere in Spain


The squad at Montbau!


My last visual of Spain. I hope to return sooner than later.


Nos vemos España! Regresamos pronto!
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