BonyVX1000: Guadalajara

In 2006, I started going to school at Cal State Fullerton. I was always going to the skate park in between classes and started meeting a ton of skaters whom most I am still friends with today. I met Francisco through my friend David. He spoke some English and had just moved from Guadalajara, Mexico about two years before. We started skating and filming a bunch and became great friends.

Around 2011, Francisco decided to move back to Guadalajara and open a skate shop to help the skateboarding scene down there. I was bummed he was moving back but it meant that I could go visit down in Mexico anytime. A few years later I made my way down there for the first time and it was amazing. It was a bit hard to communicate since I do not know that much Spanish. I tried my best to communicate with the little Spanish I knew. Skateboarding seemed to be the universal language between all of us.

Below are some photos from my trip last July. I shot this with my Canon AE-1 with Ilford HP5 black and white film.  It was my second time down in Guadalajara and I always have the time of my life. I stayed for about 10 days and just got local as fuck. We ate great good, skated a ton of cool spots, and went to a cool swimming resort called San Juan Cosalá. Muchas gracias a mis hermanos Francisco, Carlos, Paco, Netilico and all the Esperanza Skate Crew homies for showing me a good time. Arrrrreeee!


San Juan Cosalá, Mexico


Downtown Guadalajara. Shot from Dealer Skate Shop’s apartment.


Checkin out spots with some of the local homies


Mi hermano Carlos at Parque De Rojo


Some birds getting art in downtown Guadalajara


Cruising down to Lake Chapala


Some of my Tias and Tios


The cover of Netlico’s next mixtape


Lake Chapala


Dónde eres?


Thanks to these guys for making my trip so memorable. Nos Vemos Carnals!


Miguel Hidalgo Aeropuerto. Waiting game back to LAX.

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