First-Come, First-Served

Words and Photos // Leslie Lao

Every once in awhile, living in the city can become dull and unexciting. In my opinion, take the opportunity to travel and explore new settings with good company whenever you’re off from work, on break from school, etc. Nothing’s better than withdrawing yourself from your current lifestyle and breaking that daily routine of going to work, studying, skating the same park, and repeating it all over again. In that sense, the Part Time men took an opportunity to take a breather from life and enjoy the alluring traits that nature provides us at Big Sur.

Reserving campsites aren’t usually planned out very thoroughly by us because it’s usually a spontaneous situation. Other people tend to plan ahead of time usually in months to reserve a campsite, but we decided to choose the first-come, first-served basis. Despite the fact that finding a campsite isn’t definite, we’d always end up finding a site. We arrived at Andrew Molera State Park at around 6 am and it was pretty dark so we parked and rested in the car until sunrise. After a quick nap, the boys and I went on a hunt to find a camping site to mark our territory. We eventually found a lady that was camping by herself and was going to leave that morning and placed all of our belongings in front of the site. She was kind of upset that we were just chilling right in front her her spot and told us, “You know I have until 11:00 to leave, right?” She decided to take her sweet time to pack up and leave, but we didn’t really care too much since we were able to land a site. As the lady left with all her belongings, an awkward silence passed between us as we walked by each other. Nonetheless that guilty, awkwardness faded quickly and we were ready to begin our two day adventure.


When it comes to food on our camping trips, cooking on the grill and bonfire always had an unique taste and feeling compared to cooking at home. The most memorable meal was probably the steak and bum stew. We individually made our bum stew and it generally consisted a variety of potatoes, peppers, italian sausage, and honey butter. Trying to compact and cover everything with some cheap aluminium foil from the 99 cent store was a failure, but in the end the taste overpowered the loss we took at the 99 cent store. Never again will we buy supplies from the 99 cent store. Anyways I feel like successfully cooking with your best friends out in the wilderness and just enjoying the presence of each other on the table has kind of a sentimental and memorable moment. And to finish the chilly night on a good note, the roaring bonfire keeps us toasted accompanied by some fluffy, luscious smores.

Let’s not forget that you’re not really camping if you have internet or showers. We all know that bonfires tend to give you that distinct smoky scent on yourself for a good while. Even though I like that smoky smell, the boys and I took a mile hike to the beach to wash off some grime. There were two parts to the beach and we took the trail that led us to one part of the beach that was enclosed by a running river. Although this part was definitely a great location, we had our mind set on the other side of the river. We tried to strategically plan out how we were going to cross the river as we watched surfers treading across. It seemed like the river was at most 6 feet deep since the surfers crossing barely had their heads out of the water. And as we observed their crossing, we weren’t down to cross it. We went back to the beginning of the hiking trails and took the three-mile hike that would take us to the other side of the beach. At the start of this trail, we came across a river separating the trail. Jem and I noticing these two girls crossing holding each other’s hands and they advised us to hold each other’s hands as well because the rocks were slippery and the current was pretty strong. And we did end up holding hands (no homo) because neither of us wanted to get sent down the river. After three miles we finally got to the beach and jump in the ocean. The water was pretty cold and on top of that, it was pretty windy. We got to wash off our dirty grime and then we went off to explore the rest of the beach. This side of the beach reminded me of the show, “Lost” because it was so isolated that there weren’t any other people except you and the people you came with. I’ve never witnessed a different shade of sand in my life. The sand that were on some parts of the beach had shades of purple and red and it was exotic. The beach had an incredible peacefulness that would have you wanting to stay there all day.


An abandon house on the trail to the sunset. So some of my photos got pretty fucked because I was tripping out that my film wasn’t intact in my camera. My other film was fucked because I guess I didn’t place it in right and none of my photos came out when I tried to get it developed.. So I opened my canon AE-1 knowing the risk that it would pretty much fuck up my photos and made sure that the film was set right…

There was a moment during the first day where we all took naps in the tent and I ended up waking up before the sunset. Everyone was still fast asleep so I decided to go hike on my own to the beach and watch the sunset. As I got out of the tent, I saw a family of deers walking into the campsite and I was so psyched that I took some photos and tried my best to keep my distance to keep them from running off. After a couple of photos, I began my trip to go watch the sunset. The trail I hiked on takes you to a spot where you were on a higher elevation of land and you were able to see everything below you. As i watched the sunset and heard the heavy waves crashing against the enormous rocks, I was probably at the most tranquil state I’ve ever been in my life. I was so glad that I got to catch the sunset because the view was so enticing that I really stayed there until it got dark. The homies definitely missed out on this moment.

With this trip consisting of great views, cherishing moments, and a long ass wizard staff; this trip will always be a memory that I can look back upon and just smile.


Jem enjoying life at shore


Jem in his own zone and isolated from any fuckery


Kev not worrying about graduating




We eating good tonight. Just kidding.


I got pretty close on this one.



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