Up the 5

Luke Lutz kick turning

Words and Photos // Patrick Do

It seems like the only trips I go on are trips to San Francisco. This trip was made possible by my good friend Luke letting me know that our friend, Brian Tran, had a place for us to stay in the Bay Area if we wanted to come out and hang. Brian goes to San Francisco State University and had a room in Daly City.  I’ve never been to that part of town and was amazed at how gloomy and foggy it was.


Aaron getting some help by Danny setting up a new board by Pier 7

Once we arrived into San Francisco Brian wasn’t home yet so we decided to skate Third and Army until then. It was cold and windy and we only skated for a while before Brian gave us the go to meet at his house. Where he was living felt like it was away from the rest of the city. The buildings with the apartments in them were stories tall and all looked the same. Brian’s apartment was really high up in the building and he has a view overlooking the city from his bedroom window. One of the nights there we actually got onto the roof of the building to see what it was like. The fog wrapped around us blowing cold wind while we were only in shorts talking about where to eat and skate in the morning.

The first night there we all decided to take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) into the city and skate around. Being from southern California I never really take public transits, and I was surprised by how much it costs to take it. They make you pay entering and leaving the station! We got off right by the civic center skating possibly everything in sight because of how excited we were to just be downtown. Rolling on the bricked ground of the city really makes you feel like you’re flying down the street while weaving in and out of people. The sewer drain offs had smoke blowing out of them from how cold it was. At one of the sewer openings, with smoke coming out, an elderly homeless man was laying over it to keep warm, having his stench fill the whole block. After a few hours of skating we decided to head back and rest for the next few days to come. Back at the house we made spam and fried rice, playing street fighter for the rest of the night.

The next day we met up with Bony and other SF locals at Pier 7. There Iremon (Connor Duhaime) was already midway filming a trick with Brendan Bill. We really were not trying to mess up the session so we just watched and skated around sight seeing. After Iremon got over it Brendan was nice enough to show us some local spots. After another session we ended up at El Metate, a Mexican restaurant in the Mission. The food was great leaving me with the itis. I think everyone else was feeling the same way because we didn’t really do much skating after.


Leslie checking out Pier 7 from across the street

The rest of our days spent in the Bay area consisted of warming up at SOMA in the morning and filming around downtown. Aaron Kim was getting a clip at every spot, even blowing up one of his shoes. At night we always ended up buying as much food as we can at Safeway and cooking them all up at the apartment. Our last night we went all out with food, partly my fault, by going to Safeway buying two Digiorno pizza’s, three cans of spam, chips, ice cream and other things that were never touched because we were already full from earlier eating at Tommy’s Joynt. I was pretty dusted that night and almost burned down the whole apartment because I forgot to take out the cardboard cutout underneath the pizza before putting it into the oven. Luckily one of the guys caught that!

There’s really nothing much more you can ask for then spending time with great friends and exploring a city you’re not really familiar with. It was a great four days with Lil Uzi Vert’s “Money Longer” being the song of the trip that ironically turned into a joke by the end from how much that song was on repeat. The only downside from this whole trip would probably be when I openly told everyone that I don’t like Sublime. That led to Luke playing Sublime for about an hour straight on the way back home. Good time good times.



Brian Tran // BS Bluntslide


Danny Corral cutting edges



Aaron Kim // Kickflip




Jem with us in spirit


Disinfectant wipes go a long way



Aaron Kim // Hardflip (third try)


Yo, who has a shoe connect?



Trying to find parking on Fourth of July by Pier 7. Ended going back home since it was too packed in the area.


On our way to China Banks Leslie decided to partake in exercising with the locals.



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