Slow Tour

Words and Photos // Mikey Escalante

I have been doing the music thing for about 5 years and some. Never thought I would have been in this position but some things in life just line up the way they do. About a couple months ago I embarked on a 17 day tour up the west coast into Vancouver, through parts of the Midwest, into Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona then home with my band Young Creatures.  This tour was a strange one. Some of the shows definitely not what we expected (fuck San Jose), others being some of the best shows we’ve done around the states. All in all it was interesting being in the thick and thin during one of the strangest elections, hitting up new states and venues and catching a cold somewhere in between.  I didn’t have much film on the road and constantly being on the move made it harder to pick some up but here’s what I got on this trip. I shot with my Leica z2x with Portra 400 film and Ilford c-41 to be extra art like Bony. I’m in no way a photographer or consider myself one. I just bought a 35mm like 4 years ago and haven’t stopped shooting. Sorry for laggin on this Pat! Loves


Second show of the tour in Fullerton went off! Tyler and Bob sending off the good vibes.


Drive during the day. Get to the club at night. Shake your wee wee. Repeat.


Whenever I see this photo I just think of a song by a band called Touche Amore called Pathfinder. “A life that’s a detour to where I am not sure If the sun is in my eyes I think I’m doing the right thing. I rely on exit signs. And destination times. And this drive that knows me better than I think I know myself.” Jeremy Bolm of Touche Amore. 


Chop stop in the middle of somewhere.


Driving through the Midwest there’s a whole lot of open land and bison that roam. This was off the legit Oregon Trail.


Gleason being hella local enjoying the beach life in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.


Salvage yard in Montana.


Mike Post not feelin’ the snow storm we got caught up in.


A small bar, in a small mountain town in New Mexico. The entire bar is covered in dollar bills with peoples’ messages.


This guy was from Texas and had just recently moved to this small mountain town we played in New Mexico. Apparently some dude was talking shit and one thing lead to another and he had bottle smashed over his head. I asked him if I could snap a photo and he was fuckin hyped.


Hit that self-timer band photo in Vancouver. The last band photo with this line up as our bassist left a week after we got back.

Overall this tour was successful and I couldn’t be any more thankful to have shared it with some rad homies. Special thanks to everyone who helped us along the way. Sydney, Tom, Raymond, goatie, all the awesome bands we played with and all the amazing old and new friends/fans that spent some time with us. Ya’ll are fucking awesome.



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