From the Core: Today’s Music vs the Past and How We Consume It

Photo Courtesy of the Interweb

In my media communications class tonight we were discussing about how music and the way people consume it has changed. Whether we like it or not we are now living in a post literate society. Like the liberal person I am, I certainly do not see this progression into a new era as something dreadful. As the capitalist driven nation we are it is only natural for this move on how we learn and what we perceive as entertainment. This certainly does not mean that print is dead or film or anything of that nature. The argument I’m making is that, unlike decades ago, we can now choose when, how, and what we’re watching or listening to. It does no good to argue about what is a better experience because people in today’s world have many unique niches and backgrounds that makes them the way they are, resulting in their own preferences. Today in the class my professor made people vote for who believes music in the past is better than today’s music. Naturally I took a deep breath and waited until the discussion was over because I already knew that the class was about to get all rowled up about defining what’s good from bad. Anyone arguing for either side is why the world, especially America, is the way it is today. If everyone just took a little time to see from someone else’s point of view before making strong remarks then the world will be a better place, and not have Trump as our president. This is why I feel like an outsider sometimes, because I can’t relate to people fighting for their own personal taste or what is “right”. Every generation either believes their music is superior or the generation before is and I believe history has proven that. All the greats have been inspired by someone before them. Arguing over who has better taste in music is like arguing over what type of pizza is the best or who has the best kickflip (my personal opinion is Heath Kirchart). It’s all pointless because different people are attracted and catered to different genres and sub cultures. Concluding all of this I am happy that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for literature because it emphasizes that we are now in a post literate society and what not a better way to show that than with a musician being awarded it. Not to sound all cheesy but the times they are a-changin’ and for the better I hope.

Patrick Do  

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