BONYVX1000: Portraits

When I first started shooting photos, I would just take portraits of my friends and family. It is pretty easy to learn and it always makes for an interesting subject. You could take multiple portraits of someone and each one will tell a different story. Shooting a portrait of someone is my favorite part about photography. A portrait represents a time period of that person’s life. I like to capture these moments with my photography.

Below are some of my favorite portraits I have shot of my friends and family.


Sammy when his fake tooth fell out and it took some time to get the replacement. He could have been a sick pirate on Halloween. Fullerton, CA


Early morning golf tee time with Bob. Look Good. Feel Good. Play Good. Diamond Bar, CA


Living Legend. Justin Goobs. Morning smoke on the steps of my apartment. Fullerton, CA


Jonathan Perez. Trappin Up In Seattle! Seattle, WA


Gunnar getting brolic in downtown LA. Los Angeles, CA


510 skateshop/DOG out in the streets of LA. Bons sighting. Los Angeles, CA.


Cute Dutch girl steering a boat in Amsterdam. Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Mis hermanos in GDL. Right before I left back to LA. Pachecos. Guadalajara, México


Squad on the way home from Mammoth Mountain. So much beauty out that had to make that tourist stop. Mammoth Lakes, CA


In search of Chop Rock. Joshua Tree, CA.


Iriemonn. Pizzanista alleyway. Los Angeles, CA.


My 30th Birthday Crew. Missing a few peeps. Lake Arrowhead, CA.


Gramps always keeping it OG. San Ramon, CA.

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