BONYVX1000: Lomography

Besides the Canon AE-1 that I shoot with all the time I also have another 35mm camera that I use primarily for partying and just random fun times. Its called a Fisheye 2 lomography camera. This is a fun camera to use because it has a permanent fisheye lens and makes for some interesting photos. I will usually bring it out when I don’t want to carry my AE-1 around or have the risk of breaking it while drunk. Below are some of my personal favorites I have shot with the camera over the years. Some I shot on black and white film and others I used random color film from drug stores. I think you will see below that the photos are either super art or mega party but overall capturing the good vibes.


Mikey from Young Creatures on his 26th birthday. He wasn’t able to puke so the homie Tyler had to help him out. This was outside at some random karaoke bar and the vibes were at an all time high.


This is the only time I have ever successfully pulled over long exposure. This is in San Francisco on 19th Avenue at my good friend Brendan Bill’s house. I shot this from the window as the sun was going down on the last day of our skate trip up there. Really hyped how this came out. Mega fucking ART!


Nick Mayes loc’d out smoked out in downtown Santa Ana. Just a random Sunday trying to film in downtown Santa Ana. Nick finishes up a roach before trying his trick.


Brendan Bill gazing upon the Golden Gate Bridge on a random Saturday in San Francisco. Not going to lie I staged this photo and told him to look out that way. Fuck it though, it came out ART as fuck!


News Years Eve 2014. Pretty hectic night. The vibes were really high.


Palms Place Hotel. Las Vegas, Nevada. Funny story behind this pic. The hotel had balconies but they were all locked and you could not get out onto the balcony from what our Aunt tells us. So when we checked into our room, our balcony was unlocked. We were so hyped! We called it “The Secret Balcony” the whole trip. Good times!


Palm Desert, CA. 4th of July 2015. Nothing says celebrating America’s birthday by shotgunning Coors Light all afternoon. Ian and Corey celebrate proudly!


Lombard Street. San Francisco, CA. I don’t really know what I was going for in this photo be it came out pretty cool I think. Falls into the ART category for sure!


New Years Eve 2015. “You have taken way too many pictures of me kissing other girls!”


The Fuzz checking out the footage. One of these guys asked us if we knew who Mike Maldonado was or if we ever saw Toy Machine’s Welcome To Hell. Cops can be pretty cool sometimes. Not all the time…Sometimes…


Oakland Courthouse. 2014. Sammy Montano, Alex Conn, and Alex Castro review a pretty heavy hammer that Conn put down. This was during the time Alex Conn was filming for the 19th Ave video. I was happy to contribute to the project. ROLL A CHOP!


Yours truly celebrating America’s birthday by shotgunning a Coors Light!

Photography for me isn’t always about having the best equipment or shooting the greatest photo ever. It doesn’t take a lot to make magic. I shoot photos to remember the good times and also get a little ART vibe in my life. If I try something in my photography and it doesn’t come out how I want I don’t really care. If I do get a cool image then I’m hyped that I achieved what I was trying to do. Get fucking ART!

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