In Visual Recline: Beach Fossils

Words and Photos by Patrick Do

The Observatory OC hosted Beach Fossils and all the adults to pre-teens came out to soak in the methodical music. They played on the main stage with a full house. Everywhere you looked guys and girls wearing denim jackets with Doc Martins were singing their hearts out. I managed to squeeze myself into the mosh pit with my camera and snapped a few photos before dozens of crowd surfers surrounded me. There was sweat flying everywhere and during the madness I lost one of my shoes. This was only after the second song and for the rest of the night I was shoeless. That didn’t stop me from having a great time. They played a majority of their songs within the hour they were up there. From hearing them live you can tell that they were a very road experienced band, knowing how to pump up the atmosphere by playing one great song after another. The songs all flowed well with one easing into another seamlessly. They sounded great and added little variations to their songs that made the show feel even more personal. For their encore they even played “Daydream”! Myself and the crowd would agree that we couldn’t have asked for more. Dustin Payseur, the lead singer, had a very relaxed demeanor with a genuine appreciation towards the fans, especially when announcing the encore saying “Daddy’s back to read you a bedtime story.” A bittersweet end to the show, thank you Beach Fossils!

From the mosh pit using a Canon 7d and nifty fifty





Dustin hugging the trumpeter from Slow Hollows 


Handpicked a kid from the crowd to give him a hat, now that’s love!





My long lost shoe found at the end. Bless it


Sorry man I don’t think Cole is showing up anytime soon


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