Honda Fit for Five

Words and Photos // Patrick Do

Nothing is more exciting than planning out a skate trip and making it happen with a good group of friends. Neither of us had really gone on a skate trip before. Days before we left each of us were making sure we had everything we needed. I brought about three rolls of fujifilm and a whole bunch of white Hanes t’s to throw out after each day. At the time Jem, Kevin, Leslie, Ted, and I were all working at the Active in Long Beach. We made sure to leave on the Friday we got paid to make sure we had enough money to survive the whole trip. We stayed at an AirBnB in Berkley and managed to somehow leave the owner pissed giving us a negative review, stating that they will never rent out to a group of boys again. We only ate all of their ice cream in the fridge and left a few unwashed plates here and there… don’t see any harm in that! The whole trip was parking the car in the city and skating any spots around. Of course we wanted to hit main SF spots like Fort Miley and Third and Army. Everything else was just enjoying being in a new environment with nothing but skating in our minds. We weren’t out to seriously film for any tricks. It was just a little vacation from school and work. Now looking back it’s amazing how we managed to not go insane being all jam packed into Jem’s Honda Fit for the ride.



Love in San Francisco


Traffic is the best! Side note… Kevin fell asleep at the wheel on the way back to our apartment while driving…



Leslie out back of DLX before we got a warehouse tour




Where are the GX spots?!





Skated Pier 7 right after a bum stole Jem’s camera. Funny story, we found the guy who stole the camera and was claiming he got it from OG. He ended up running away while other homeless people protected him. Be careful of the active bums out there…




Morning inspiration!




Kevin deciding if he should blow the rest of his money on bacon donuts. 


Jem with bed head looking into the city. Summarizes the whole trip. Late nights, early mornings, and of course traffic.


Say Cheese! Tommy’s Joynt!


Pit Stop on the way back home

All photos taken on the handy Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 point and shoot.

Spring of 2015





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