BONYVX1000: Allcity Showdown 35th North

About 1 year ago I was invited to Seattle, by my friend Greg Milligan and participated in the 35th North’s Allcity Showdown contest. He said he had the van rented and a crew assembled, all they needed was a filmer. I booked my flight right away.

The format of the contest is basically a team of 4, 3 skaters and 1 filmer, and you have one full day to film as many clips in downtown Seattle as possible. Then you give them your footage at the end of the day and the judges make a big edit of all the teams footage. Categories like best line, best rail trick, and best filmer (did not win that one)  were given cash prizes.

My team was called “Team USA” and consisted of Jonathan Perez, Daniel Dubois, Connor Duhaime and me filming. We only settled on “Team USA” because we could not come to an agreement on the team name. Too much chop!

My friend Greg drove the rental van accompanied by his girlfriend Kai. I flew from Long Beach, CA to Oakland Airport to meet up with them. We drove the rental van from Oakland all the way to Seattle. We also stopped for a night in Eugene, OR on the way up. We tried to film some street clips along the way. Greg also made sure to stop at cool places non skate related. It was a nice break in between the long drives.

There are numerous reasons why this trip was so special to me. First, I have never been to the Pacific Northwest before except only to Vancouver when I was 18. You don’t realize how beautiful our American landscape is until you really drive through it. I did not mind the cold at all. It was nice change from my usually So-Cal 72 degrees and sunny.

Also, for the first time in a who knows how long, I was just there to be the filmer and be a supportive teammate. Usually I am the point man for any skate trips I go on. I have to rent the van, find all the spots, make sure the squad moral is high, take care of the injured, and the list goes on. I am not complaining by any means but it was seriously a nice change to just be there to film and help when needed. Greg did most of driving and “team managing” I guess you could call it. Thanks Millions!

Probably the biggest highlight for me was going on the road with some of my best friends. Greg Millions I have known since we were groms skating the skatepark. Connor Duhaime (Iriemonn), I met through Greg but became good friends over the past few years. Daniel and I met through the squad as well. Jonathan Perez was the only person I didn’t know prior leaving on the trip but we clicked right away and will forever be a solid dude in my book.

Basically I was going to Seattle with some of my best friends and doing some skateboarding along the way. What more could you ask for? The open road, your friends, insane skateboard talent, and your favorite wooden toy are key ingredients for a great time. The trip was successful and a time in my life I won’t ever forget about.

Below are black and white 35mm photos I shot during the trip. I shot it on Ilford HP5 film and it is my favorite film to shoot. I love the grain in the image it produces. I think it is important to document your travels. Time on the road is so valuable that I want to always remember the good times as clear as possible. Enjoy the photos below!


This is Greg Milligan driving the van on the first day from Oakland, CA to Eugene, OR. I think we are somewhere in Redding, CA.


Backseat shenanigans with Jonathan Perez. Yes that is a gold grill.


Crossing the border from California into Oregon.


This is the view standing from the backyard of our AirBnB. I thought the house looked creepy. Had to snap one.


Probably discussing a Tinder match. Daniel, Irie, Jon (left to right). Eugene, OR.


Multnomah Falls, Oregon


Connor Duhaime (iriemonn) chopped up in West Seattle. So much art.


I filmed a nollie heel noselide right after this photo on that famous park hubba in downtown Seattle.


The morning of the contest right before everyone broke out to get it.


Jonathan Perez getting a video portrait done before the contest.


Bay Area up in Seattle! Bout to hit these streets.


Mandatory art squad photo. West Seattle.


Seattle International Airport. Back to Long Beach, CA. It was 7am when I took this photo and was living on 1 hour of sleep. Trying to make the best of it!

We didn’t win but it was a fun time. Jonathan Perez got $100 for a sick line he got at the Jimi Hendrix school. I had never been to Seattle before so I was very excited for the trip. You can watch the whole video here. Our team starts at 05:12, TEAM USA. I would recommend Seattle to anyone. Chop recreational use is an amazing thing!

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