Emerica: “MADE Chapter 2”

Let me begin by saying that Jon Miner is one of the best and most influential skateboarding videographers. MADE Chapter 2 Did not fall short at all with Emerica’s legacy of great skateboarding films. From beginning to end there was a momentum that is created from the pure raw skating and soundtrack.

Like MADE 1, a new rider was introduced to the team as the introduction. As I’m sure by now everyone knows that the newest addition to the team is Jon Dickson. He started the whole video on a high note skating a lot of different spots, making a well rounded part. It was amazing to me to see how much footage he had for the part and how low key his introduction was kept.

Everyone had strong parts in the video. Of course it just happened to be that Dickson, Provost, and Figgy had bangers after bangers making their parts stick out the most to me. Collin Provost came out of nowhere with another full MADE  part.  Andrew Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, and Spanky surprised me the most because they were able to still skate at the level that they do creating parts that they live up to. With that said Bryan Herman’s part was not as great as I was expecting it to be. Throughout the whole video people were yelling and screaming trick after trick, but once Herman’s part came on the theatre became pretty quiet with some cheers here and there. I would understand why though, because as a skater we wanted to see Bryan Herman on the top of his game with his other video parts. Don’t get me wrong, his part was still good, but it was more or less the same tricks that he usually does in his parts, not showing a lot of progression.

Nonetheless this video is special. It proves that in this day and age, even with Instagram videos, that full length skateboarding films still matter. You can tell that everyone was working their ass off to film each clip.









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